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Ever made a plan to carry out a certain task and you wholeheartedly put your mind to it? You prepare yourself, almost jotting down a ‘to-do-list’. You get excited, already feeling like you are beginning to accomplish your tasks. Then you leave the house. I don’t know if it’s just me but do you always find everything else a bit more exciting than the tasks you were to do? Or the cosmos is out there trying the best it can for you not to accomplish your tasks by throwing in traffic jams, angry bosses, meeting deadlines and what not. Or maybe I’m just coming up with excuses on why I tend to procrastinate a lot. Still, I know you understand where I’m coming from.




According to Psychology today, procrastination is “our perennial struggle with self-control as well as our inability to accurately predict how we’ll feel tomorrow, or the next day.” In simple terms, we make excuses a lot to justify why we skip things. Now, I’m not going to talk about not getting to do tasks handed to us until the last minute because we tend to work well under pressure. (Still confused if that’s a positive or a negative thing). No, I’m going to talk about the snooze. Yes, swiping towards the snooze. Oh how many we have fallen for this? Most durations between one snooze and another is 10 and 15 minutes, because 5 minutes is way too short of a time. Why do we snooze anyway? The most absurd yet common excuse is “I snooze because it takes long for me to get off of my bed”. Okay, I fall into that category (sometimes). Mostly because once we set one foot out of our blankets the cold wave hits it back in. See me making an excuse right there. Let’s say you were to wake up at 4:30 and for some reason you get into your bed and you look at your watch and it’s 12. You start counting the hours that you will actually sleep before you wake up at 4:30 AM. You go through the five stages of grief, by the time you are done, 10 minutes have passed. Then you stare into oblivion, closing your eyes hoping you will sleep but you start playing scenarios that are unlikely to happen (teleporting to Maldives for me. Sigh) or replaying scenarios that could have occurred in a different way or something you could have said to win that argument and before you know it, 15 minutes have passed. Finally you get to sleep, at 12:30. Then the alarm rings, you feel like you have slept for an hour, so you tell yourself ”kidogo tu” and you slide to the snooze, 10 minutes later, it rings, still you snooze, and you slide into a deep sleep. So deep that you don’t even hear the snooze alarm ring and by the time you wake up thinking 15 minutes have passed, it’s six o’clock. The shock on your face. You enter into a state of confusion, where to start, where to end. Wondering which tasks you could multitask, maybe taking a quick bath while brushing your teeth thinking of what to wear.

You prepare yourself, you look at your watch, its 6:45am. You rush to the stage, alas! There’s a queue, worst case scenario, people are not that orderly, of which you decide to squeeze yourself in. Lucky you, you get in. Ten minutes into the drive, jam!!!! It takes another two hours till you get into town, rush to your place of work, sneak in so that the boss won’t see you, catch your breath and start doing what we do best, working under pressure and you are tied for the rest of the day. All this while you miss one fundamental and incredible factor: TOP MORNINGS!


The Top Rose Hair and Beauty Salon proudly presents TOP MORNINGS; EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS. The offer is valid from Monday to Wednesday between 7am and 10am. Sounds good right? I know!! You get amazing discounts on;

  • Stickons
  • Own retouch
  • Crotchet weaving
  • Medium braiding

Not so bad huh? And while you are here enjoy the free Wi-Fi available as you are given Top Services and treated as a Top Customer by our highly professional team.


PS: Let’s work on the procrastination, shall we?


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