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What is Professionalism?

This is the competence or skill expected by a professional. While a professional is someone engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as an amateur.

Have you ever been served at a particular place and the service was just not all that good? You expected the customer service to be top notch only to be disappointed.  This most likely bugged you so much that you asked yourself, where is the professionalism?!

According to a study by Chris Joseph, being a professional in your work means;

  1. You are competent- This means having the necessary ability, knowledge or skill to do something successfully. This means that the works that you do you are capable of handling it well and efficiently. No matter which scenario that appears in your line of work you are expected to handle it to the best of your ability and live your client(s) satisfied with the service.
  2. Appearance- This is being neat in appearance. This means being dressed appropriately according to your work’s dress code. One should pay special attention to their appearance to prospects or clients.
  3. Demeanor­– This is the outward behavior or bearing. Elude confidence in what you do. Be well spoken and polite when interacting with customers, superiors or co-workers. Sometimes a client might calm with a very negative attitude, you need to keep your clam.
  4. Reliability– This means that you can be counted on to get the job done because you are a professional. Responding to clients promptly and following through on promises in a timely manner is also important as it demonstrates reliability.
  5. Ethics– As a professional you are required to be ethical. This means that one has to follow a certain industry code of rules that have to adhere to and are used to give direction. One should display ethical behavior at all times.
  6. Maintaining you poise– A professional must maintain his/her poise even when facing a difficult situation. If a client treats you in a rude manner, you should not resort to the same type of behavior.
  7. Phone etiquette– This is an important component of professional behavior. This means identifying yourself by your full name, company and title when you place a call. Be sure not to dominate the conversation and listen intently to the other party.
  8. Organizational skills– A professional can quickly and easily find what is needed. Your work area should be neat and organized. Meaning that a client shouldn’t come and find an untidy work station.
  9. Accountability– Professionals are accountable for their actions at all times. If you make a mistake, own up to it and try to fix it if possible. Don’t try to place the blame on a work mate. If you made the mistake, take responsibility and work to resolve the issue.

From that, ask yourself, are you a professional? Do you have all the above characteristics?

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