MADARAKA DAY: A National Holiday in the Kenyan calendar that celebrates the day in 1963 that we attained internal self-rule after decades under the British colonial rule. “Madaraka” is a Swahili word meaning “power, responsibility, governance”.

This is one of those days you get to be really proud to be Kenyan. To know the risks that our forefathers made for us to reach this far isn’t something we can take lightly. They gave up their lives for our freedom and that is something we can stand shoulder high and be very proud of.  For some people this is just a day where you get to run errands, lazy around in your house, catch up with old friends, which by the way I am not condemning you but, take a moment, bow down and pay your respects to those that fell, those that lost a major part of their lives for us to enjoy the freedom that we do today.

I don’t know if your grandparents or anybody else told you about those days that they were resisting the colonial rule. My grandfather used to tell us such stories so many times. At that time I just saw it as something really exciting. You get to live in the forest, live off the earth, hunt, have endless adventures across the lands, meeting new people all fighting for the same course. Indeed it did sound exciting to my then young mind. When I grew older, I got to realize that those “walks” in the forest weren’t so adventurous, it was them running for their lives, meeting new people happens when you are all seeking shelter in the forest or hurdled up by the British. It was an atrocity what happened to them and most people in this day and age would have thrown in the towel and given up the struggle but they did not, they continued till they finally got what they had been fighting for. They are the heroes that we celebrate today. They fought for our country because they were tied of being oppressed and looked down upon. They fought because they wanted the future generation to know what it is like not to treated like second class citizens in your own country, to walk free and enjoy our rights has human beings and mostly, they fought because they were patriots of this great country, The Republic of Kenya.

It is during Madaraka that we should reflect and be grateful for the sacrifices made for us. To be honest, those are my heroes. Every man, woman and child that stood their ground and said enough is enough, those are the real heroes. Role models that shall forever remain an inspiration to those that cannot just agree the status quo but will stand up to what they believe is right and will not allow their rights taken away from them. This is why we should all take a moment, reflect and be proud to call ourselves Kenyan.

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