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Smiles surround the place. Everybody is filled with excitement. Small murmurs can be heard, some burst out laughing, and the happiness in the air cannot be held back. Two gentlemen in suits walk down the middle lane towards the front podium. A few minutes later, a pair of about 4 to 5 couples are seen walking in, some majestically walk towards the front, others break into dance. Once they reach the front they stand on opposite sides. Then two young children can be seen at the entrance, everybody turns their head towards the entrance in anticipation of who walks in next. The gathering goes silent, then the piano starts playing, they all stand. She appears at the entrance, with the sunlight behind her she appears heavenly. The natural light giving her a radiant glow like she’s emitting rays of beauty. She walks down the aisle, some are in tears, awed by her appearance, others have ear-to-ear smiles on their faces, and the joy can’t be hidden. She walks slowly towards the front. One man at the front can’t help but have tears in his eyes, this day has finally reached, the highlight of the day, seeing her walking down the aisle. Moments pass and it is time to remove the vail on that covers her face. More tears roll down his cheeks. He can’t believe it.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I am talking about a wedding here. Yes, the one day where frowns are thrown out the window and people or round are joyous and generally filled with happiness. Mostly come for the beauty in it, others may see it more as a social gathering, others it is a business that is flowing well while a few come for the food (the epitome being the cake). We all come for this one day affair to join in the celebrations with the newly wedded couple, pour out our congratulations and heart felt wishes for their future promises; and giving them gifts that we presume are the best for them. Have you ever just sat back and asked yourself how much time it took to plan a wedding? The amount of time given to planning every single detail to the letter. The hard work done by the couple, there friends and family and to put trust in people who you hope will deliver on your big day and not let you down. You want to make it momentous. You always want your big day to be the best, to be admired, something close to a loyal wedding. One particular aspect that you want to be flawless is how the bride looks.

A lot of detail is put into any wedding but also, a lot of detail is put into the bride’s appearance, her hair, her make-up and her dress. If you are reading this and your wedding is coming up soon or you know someone who is, let me share with you some really awesome news. What I’m about to share with you is absolutely exciting and I can guarantee you that it will be the best decision you will make and you as the bride will be the highlight of the wedding.

TOP ROSE HAIR and BEAUTY SALON have a whole wedding package just for you and it doesn’t stop at your hair and make-up, no it does not! We provide facials and scrubs that will leave your face glowing, massages that will make you feel relaxed throughout your wedding and your nails will be incredibly done. When it comes to your make-up, it will done by the best and it will suit you natural skin tone and bring out more the beauty in you. From your hair to the nails on your feet, you are guaranteed world class beauty glam up that will definitely make you the princess of your own loyal wedding.



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