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The short rain season is a time for warm colors and cozy clothes. And as the weather begins to change, it may be time to start thinking about changing your hair color too.

Your platinum blonde hair may not be the perfect color choice as we move into the colder months. If you are looking to change your hair, come in to The Top Rose Family and Beauty Center.

We will definitely assist you with all of your hair color needs, giving you the best look that works best for you.

  1. The darker the better

The cold seasons are the perfect time to darken up your hair. Whether you want to add darker lowlights to your current color or completely swap out your old look for a new and bold style, the darker look is better for this cold month.

Even just darkening your hair to a golden blonde can add a touch of fashion to your style. If your hair is naturally dark, but you generally add some highlight for additional style, consider getting caramel highlights.

These will add lightness to your hair but also keep it dark and beautiful for the fall.

2. Add some colour.

This is a great time to go bold with a unique and festive color. Color your hair deep red, copper, auburn, or other fun colors. These colors can completely change up your look.

This color may wash you out even more, but it could be fun and create a unique look that is completely you!

Fall and winter hair colors are generally darker and richer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock just about color you want, all you need is the confidence to do so!

Come into The Top Rose Beauty Centre to get your hair colored and ready for short rain season! This is the perfect time to change up your look, and we are here for you!


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