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Hello and welcome to 2019! It is a year we have all been anticipating to see and thankfully we have managed to. Happy New Year is the greetings of the season and we cannot help but keep using it as we wrap up arguably the most iconic festive season in human history. Schools are opening, vacations are taking a break, people are traveling and the shortly-reunited families are literally disintegrating again to embark on their normal tasks in their respective quarters. In a nutshell, January is going to be a beehive month of activities and we are all loading our guns for the best shoots.

Besides the endless list of common activities in this firstborn month of every year, there is one landmark attribute that matters most: the drawing board. January is the month of New Year resolutions. It is the time when individuals and corporates call meetings to analyze weaknesses of the previous year,  weigh challenges, evaluate prospects and lay down new plans, expanding and consolidating et cetera. All these are elements of New Year resolutions.

No matter how fast we run to the January drawing board, situations may not change if we are not going to master the art of intertwining character with the end results of these resolutions. They say character is the ability to carry out a resolution long after the excitement of a moment is gone. We tend to have big plans that promise mammoth returns only to last for a few months and come tumbling down like a house of cards to our status quo. This happens some months after the excitement of the New Year moment is gone. At The Top Rose we spent a handful of hours in the second day of the first month of the year making resolutions too.

But ours are not New Year resolutions only. They are also the lifetime resolutions. They will survive the excitement of this New Year moment because we are committed to character. A character that is customer-based. We want you to know that you are the center of our resolutions. You are the most treasured unit of our existence. And this year we have resolved to give nothing short of the best to meet your hair and beauty expectations. We want to propel our character of the Best Salon in town even to a higher notch. We are straightening the bent edges of the previous year and we promise a consistent trend of the best services as long as you and us live.

Meanwhile, we welcome your feedback based on your previous engagement with us and be sure we are going to receive them whole heartedly and respond positively. Feel free to contact us through any of our branches and on any of our Social Media Channels. As you get aboard the New Year with new resolutions, even of a lifetime, we welcome you again to sail with us just as we sailed in the previous years. We promise to give you a shoulder to lean on when the waves of life rock our vessel,  at least through high standards of beauty and hair services. We kindly ask you to refer us to your dear ones as well.  And for those who have not served with us before catch up with us now for in our vessel there are baskets of goodies just for you. Come all our crew, let’s sail together and we’ll bring the horizon closer.

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