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Let’s Talk Love


It is my belief you are all well even as we wrap up the second month of the year. February is iconic, beautiful and energizing. It is iconic in the sense of hosting the Valentine’s Day, a day that is almost synonymous to love itself. It is beautiful in its sunny weather, harvest times for crop farmers and relatively few days that make it a short sea to sail through. The month may also be unfair and selfish to those who were born on 29th of any leap year because it takes away their birthdays with itself. With these aspects of February, I am delighted to talk about love, selfishness and selflessness.

I am not an enthusiast of World or National Days celebrations including New Year and Christmas but I do recognize them in honor of the message these days do convey to the human population in which I am a member. And the Valentine’s Day is one of the days that I recognize because of the message of love. Love is the foundation of everything. In its presence families hold together, nations coexist, governments run and the society thrives. In its absence relationships break, families fall apart and humanity lacks meaning. The power of love cannot be overrated.

 However, it is also true that love is the most misunderstood mistaken and neglected virtue of our time. This is because selfishness has shot its roots deep onto the soils of our hearts, families and the general society. People do no longer care, value or think about others’ interests. Instead they’ve turned into robotic animals, drunk with bloated sense of self importance and skyrocketing need for self-gratification, even at the expense of other people’s interests and welfare. For instance, on the eve of Valentines this Feb, selfishness won over men who attended the fictitious “Men’s Conference”. To many enthusiasts of the day, there were no usual messages of love, red roses and a night out.

To reclaim the glory of love, we need to embrace selflessness as an antidote to selfishness: Where we love ourselves enough to love others. We cannot offer what we do not have therefore it’s time to think about ourselves, act on ourselves and build ourselves so strong to offer a leaning shoulder to our dear ones.

This is the sum total of how we feel about ourselves and how others see and feel about us. To build on this, is where we, the Top Rose Beauty Center chip in. We don’t want you to forget about yourself anymore. Come we treat you with the best hairdo, nail services, waxing, massage, manipedi, eyelashes/brow etcetera. We won’t settle at anything less than the best for you and even enough to spread love and live in love. See you when you visit as we share more love, more fun and more life.

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