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Nail Culture


Human anatomy is made up of several parts that, besides their Primary functions, play ornamental purposes too. Eyelashes keep dust and other foreign materials off the eyes, and teeth chew food. Yet these primary functions of body parts that in most cases defines one’s beauty. Great teeth appearance brings out great smiles, well detailed eyelashes and eyebrows bring out the beauty of the eyes and upper face. This equally applies to the nails.

Hands are literally work pistons that get things done while feet are wheels that take us to places. However there is incredible beauty in both feet and arms enhanced by nails. The nail culture can be traced back to 300 B.C. The Guinness World Records has been tracking nail length records since 1955, with the current record holder among men having 4.96 foot on his thumb. It is interesting to note that nail painting culture is growing rapidly.  You cannot afford to have plain nails in an era where the first thing to see in your hands is nails just as the first thing to impress in your face is your smile.

With all this, The Top Rose Beauty Center is the ultimate place to have your nails done. We have highly trained nail technicians with years of experience in the industry. Visiting any of our branches the first thing to greet you is art work of the nails in our branded posters. Getting inside, at nearly every workstation, you’ll find nail paraphernalia such as clippers, files, nail lacquer et cetera all tucked into their respective containers. At no time will the beehive of activities imagery evade your eyes as our technicians work their tools to our esteemed clients, giving their nails a unique, creative and artistic look from varieties of the latest trends.

To attest to this, visit any of our branches where our teams will not only give you a state of the art services but also take you through a variety of nail trends to choose from while giving you expert advice in regard to suitability of your nails. Among our common yet very trendy nail-work are tips, stick-on, acrylics, gel polish, gel color, gel ombre, magnetic gel among many more. Our promise to you is a flawless nail-work that will be center attention wherever you go. We are tested and proven. We are confident to be the best in nail-work just as we are in other beauty and hair services. We need this confidence to spread to you and your loved ones. If you’ve not been served by us, we challenge you to visit us today  and you won’t regret. See you soon.

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