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Dreadlocks; the Pearl Ropes of Freedom


Dreadlocks; the Pearl Ropes of Freedom

Beauty is given naturally and freely by the Creator. However, maintaining and enhancing beauty can be time, labor and cost intensive. Most often we need sacrifice for this aspect of life for the sake of our esteem, dignity and value of our self-worth. What would otherwise be a perpetual slavery becomes a celebrated routine anytime we visit a salon to make our hair and nails. This is all worthy living by. After all why work hard in life, earn fortunes but live and look plain when you can create an angelic look of yourself in a salon?

Dreadlocks are the heaven sent alternative that will set you free. Here is why:

1. Natural and Fashionable

You’ll hear people today talk of going natural in terms of hairdo, diet, body shape enhancement et cetera. When it comes to hairdo there is no better way to go natural than locking your hair. Your kinky, childhood hair will remain intact, unaltered and growing freely like grass in the fields. Dreadlocks are here to stay and people of all walks of life are embracing the style. Movie stars, fashion icons, musicians, staff in corporate organizations and every Jane and Jerry have embraced this new yet old trend.

2. Long Lasting

Unlike other forms of hairdo, dreadlocks will remain with you for lifetime unless you decide otherwise. It will remain your personal brand identity. It will free you the hustle of making choices of hair style every now and then. Instead you can crotchet-style, tie them into stylish knots or add beads and jewels to enhance them. In addition, this hairstyle protects your hairline that would have otherwise earned you a bare, vast forehead if you insisted on braids.

3. Economical to Maintain

Once you lock your hair, you mark the genesis of freedom from occasional blow dry, regular wash and straighten, buying costly braids, weaves and wigs and so forth. You only need to pay for occasional retouch. In addition, maintaining dreadlocks is economic in terms of man hour spent in salon doing other complex hairstyles. You need a maximum of one hour to retouch your locks.

4. Locks are a Unisex Hairstyle

There is no hairstyle that defies gender walls than dreadlocks. If you’re an enthusiast of cool trends and yours is a relationship of two liberal-minded parties, then dreadlocks is your relationship hairstyle. You’ll share oil and ointments with him/her as well as help each tie up those iconic curls. If children get in, the better: You give them their choice of hair and make a liberal family.

In conclusion, the benefits of dreadlocks can never be overrated. It is a hairstyle that was attributed to the Biblical Samson who had seven locks and spent all his years fighting for freedom of God’s chosen people from bondage of tribal adversaries. The Mau Mau freedom fighters locked their hairs and got into the forest to earn our nation freedom. If you would like to walk this path just know our professional hairdressers are set to walk you down the heavenly paths of freedom. If you already have locks we are here to give nothing but the best in maintaining your pearl ropes of freedom.

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