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July is the undisputedly the coldest month in our country and maybe in the region. Our bodies react differently to weather and climactic changes. During very warm seasons our bodies are likely to develop rashes, pale complexions, oily and gleaming skin et cetera. On the contrary, during the cold season human skin tends to get dry, crack and lose natural lubrication that would otherwise be achieved easily during warm seasons. Here are reasons as to why a Mani-Pedi is the ultimate solution to your skin and nails troubles this July.

Keeping Hands and Feet Smooth and Soft

Manicures and pedicures allow you to get rid of dead skin in your hands, feet, palms, soles and also cuticles around your nails. Living with dry and dead skin makes you vulnerable to skin breakage, injuries, occasional skin irritation and painful cuticles.

Lifting Your Moods

Just like body massage, Mani-Pedi will help muscles relax, skin softens and nerves rejuvenated. When you’re tired and stressed you get tempted to pull cuticles from your nails press your finger knuckles and scratch your irritating feet. Mani-Pedi saves you all this hustle. Additionally, you feel more confident and happy with smooth skin and well-kept nails. Eventually, this keeps your spirits afloat.

Enhance Blood Circulation

During regular manicure and pedicure, the massaging of your feet and hands helps the blood vessels relax thus enhancing good blood circulation. Also, it helps joints to relax.

Keeps Nails Stronger and Healthy

Mani-Pedi involves the treatment of nails with disinfectants that keeps fungal, bacterial and other infections at bay. Our hands and feet are exposed to harmful elements every day. Therefore, there is much need to subject them to deep cleaning and disinfect them for healthier and stronger nails.

Finally, you don’t have to look far. The Top Rose Beauty Centre has four outlets with high end professional beauty technicians for you in waiting. Our prices will only keep you coming over. Visit us at Westlands, Nairobi CBD, Adams and Valley Arcade.

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