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Why Us?


Why Us?

Every social unit has a culture and attributes that defines it. Similarly, at the Top Rose we have a culture that has made us stand out. We do not only invite you to be served by us, but we’ll show you why you should choose to be served by us. And here are the reasons:

1. Professionalism

Our tried and tested level of competence has remained unchallenged since our genesis. We remain true to our promise of giving customer satisfaction because we understand that our clients are our biggest assets and we are because they are. With this understanding, at no time shall we compromise on our professionalism

2. Convenience

To ensure our services reach to you conveniently, we decided to save you time and distance by establishing our outlets as close to you as possible. In Nairobi CBD lies our firstborn branch along Biashara Street. Stretching our wings westwards, we occupy a space at the alluring, glassy Krishna Center in Westlands. Southwards, we are represented in the leafy neighborhoods of Lavington, at Valley Arcade. Our baby branch is vibrantly growing our representation to the palatial residences of Kilimani, at Adams.

3. Affordability

Every penny is hard-earned and so it should be prudently spent. It is for this reason that we decided, no matter how costly it gets to maintain a culture of professional services, we shall stand to our commitment to make our prices pocket-friendly. We are here to give you services worth your money.

4. Conducive Environment

To execute our services effectively we are committed to ensuring that our clients are served in a quiet and serene environment. Our teams are trained to adopt healthy interpersonal relationship with our clients. Instead of laughter, they make broad smiles. Instead of shouts we believe in listening and conversational whispers.

5. Customer Service

Our teams are highly trained and experienced in customer handling and customer service. While in our outlets, we have ensured you will enjoy free Wi-Fi to keep you connected to your online world. For the enthusiast of good reads, we have monthly magazines for you. Our loyalty points program see to it that you can afford free services or reduced pricing with time. Our occasional sales offers come as way of reminding you that we value you as our clients.

That’s our brand as the best salon in town. Keep visiting.

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