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The Top Rose Birthdays


A birthday is an anniversary of the day one was born although it is not necessarily celebrated on the exact birth date. Birthday celebrations are as old as humanity. Christians celebrate Christ’s birthday on the eve of Christmas. The royal family celebrates the Grand Duke official birthday, the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr and Mahatma Gandhi, just to name but a few, are celebrated as national holidays in USA and India respectively. It is, therefore, true that birthday celebration is one of many social celebrations that are highly valued by humankind.

Birthdays are marks of growth and measures of progress. Apart from the calendar’s dictation of when the year starts and ends, one’s birthday is an alternative mark of a New Year and end of another one. As a result individuals, families, friends and organizations places a lot of importance on birthdays and uses the same for not only celebrations but also to evaluate progress, set goals, appreciate achievements, get together for merry making and build teams as well as good relations.

As an organization that recognizes humanity’s social trends and practices, at The Top Rose Beauty Centre we have a tailor-made package specially set for our clients who have birthdays at a given time. The package comes in three sets. The first set is Pedi-Gel plus Mani-Gel at Ksh. 2,000. The second set includes own treatment plus a choice of either braiding or weaving or crocheting at Ksh. 1,800. The third set encompasses Swedish massage plus body scrub at Ksh. 3,500. Most welcome at the Top Rose For a warm birthday treat and where client is the corner Stone of our existence.

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