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Nails: Beauty for All


Nails: Beauty for All

It is a desire for everyone to have a set of awesome looking nails. However, we are not all endowed with naturally looking great nails. Some of us encounter brittle nails, nail-biting tendencies, and unusually short nails among other shortcomings.

However, hope is not lost for you to get your dream nails appearance. The secret remedy to this is using professionally fixed nail extensions. Nail extensions are artificial nails that fixed on top of natural nails. They have the following benefits.

  1. Artistic Look

Nail extensions offer sufficient nail surface to work on a variety of art designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. They help to hide natural imperfections such as very short nails, naturally dull colors, and unattractive shapes

  • Protecting Natural Nails

Natural nails are susceptible to cracks, breakages, and splitting.  Consequently, this makes one vulnerable to infections and hurting tissues. The nail extensions cover and guarantee safety for natural nails against all this.

  • Lasts Long

Artificial nails are relatively stronger than natural nails. They are capable of withstanding cracks and breakages more. As a result, they last more as compared to the natural nails. They also save you time and money spent on nail parlors.

  • Natural Looking

With the help of an experienced, well-skilled nail technician one can enjoy the look of natural nails in artificial nails

  • Counters the Habit of Nail Biting

Artificial nails are hard to chew and last longer. Therefore, covering natural nails with nail extensions is a sure way to train on avoiding the tendency to bite and chew nails.

At The Top Rose, we have a highly experienced and trained team of beauty professionals who over years have made our clients proud by giving quality nail extensions services.

We are versatile enough to accommodate all tastes and preferences of every client. Among the services we offer on extensions include; acrylics, tips with gel, gum gel, stick-on, overlay, nails gel, and French gel among others. Visit with your idea; we’ll make it a reality!

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