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We are an enterprise that is anchored not only on quality professional services but also on values that support a friendly and customer-based relationship. We prioritize the welfare of every team player in our midst and most importantly, the welfare of our clients who form the very basis of our existence. At this time when we are faced with a pandemic, we have thoughtfully considered ways in which we are going to support each other to successfully sail this vast sea of a challenge together. Apart from complying with the ministry of health requirements for our overall health and safety, we have the following incentives in store for our clients.

  1. The Deal Of The Week

It has been our norm to give end month offers as well as holidays offer throughout every year. But this time in the spirit of holding each other’s hand so has to win together; we have decided to run the deal of the week offer: each week we have a new deal! This will run every week, offering hair and beauty services at a discounted price. This week we are offering crotchet weaving and mani-pedi at a cost of Ksh. 1000 each.

  • Top Tuesdays and Wow Wednesdays

This is an existing offer where we serve manicure at a discounted price of Ksh. 300 every Tuesday and own treatment at Ksh. 300 every Wednesday. This runs every week throughout the year

  • Early Bird Discount

We have also retained our early bird discount offer where we serve stick-on at Ksh. 600, crotchet weaving at Ksh. 1,000, own retouch at Ksh. 1,000 and medium braiding at Ksh. 1,200. This runs from Monday to Wednesday every week starting from 7:00 am to 10:00 am.

  • Loyalty Points

In every service rendered at The Top Rose, a client earns loyalty points redeemable for free services. One loyalty point is equivalent to one shilling.

  • Lipa Na Bonga
    Our clients can now pay for our services using their Safaricom Bonga Points! Our Shop Managers are ready at your service to lend assistance in Bonga Points redemption.

 We remain focused on giving outstanding services and customer support so that we can beat every challenge that comes our way. We wish to thank you for your continued trust in our services. Don’t miss out on our offers and remember to bring along a friend. We keep on keeping on. We keep hope alive.

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