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Hair Trends in our Store


If you have not visited us before, you might have lost on great deals and if you haven’t visited recently you have definitely lost much on new trends. Here are some of the trendy hairstyles that will make you the talk of the party.

1. Knotless braids

Knotless braids, also known as knot braids, are a protective hairstyle that is achieved by braiding natural hair first and then slowly adding braids to completion. Depending on the size of your preference and the care you give, knotless braids can last for up to six or eight weeks

They are pain free since you don’t have to tie a knot when braiding. They are less bulky due to absence of knots and they are friendly to all hair types

2. Nubian Twist

For the enthusiasts of elegant voluminous hair, Nubian twist has got you covered. It is a two stranded style that is similar to Marley or Kinky twist. It is good for bad whether such as windy days coz you don’t need to worry about your hair being blown off. No time for combs anymore and it offers versatility in styling such bun, ponytail, side braids and twists et cetera

3. Passion Twist

Passion twist is another protective trendy hairstyle that comes with invaluable advantages. They are blend of Senegalese twists and Goddess locks. They are a two strand twists style that is done on washed, moisturized and straightened hair. On good maintenance it can last up to two months.

For these and more trendy hair, beauty and spa styles visit any of our branches in Nairobi CBD, Westlands and Kilimani. Also don’t forget to check out our latest offers. See you when you visit!

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