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The Merry Making Month


Hello December! Thank God we are here, finally staring at the final month of the Century’s toughest year. This year has been exceptional.  We have gone through losses of all sorts.  As humankind, we have lost freedom, lives, good health, jobs, family contact, schooling opportunities and the list is endless. But we have gained scores of goodies that has come in a year highly defined by a pandemic. The best gain to majority, if not all humankind must be lessons. We have learned lessons on making hay while the sun shines.

Yes. We have learned to save for tomorrow, to improvise when we suffer inadequacy, to run virtual meetings, to learn and work from home, to rest and reflect. We have learned to appreciate life in its simplest form. We have learned that health is one of the most fundamental aspects of life. We have grown stronger in faith and drawn our hearts closer to God. All these lessons have, by far, surpassed the ruthless friction experienced during the pandemic. We are bruised, beaten and broken but we remain the strongest of God’s creation. We have passed the test to endurance. We own the victory.

Eventually, as we end this life-teaching year, we call for a moment of calm, peace and self-love. Here comes the merry-making month. It is the month we rejoin with friends and family, to celebrate, to catch up, to do charity, to kill bad energy and feel the good of life. While we acknowledge the fact that the covid-19 virus is still ravaging the universe, let’s not forget ourselves. Let us not fail to make merry, let us not give in to timidity. Let us live our lives fully. We can do it again in the new normal by observing MOH guidelines and WHO protocols.

As the Top Rose enterprise, we have not hanged our boots. We have trained enough in this journey; we are still flexing our muscles. We are waiting for you. Time to crown your head with the best trending hair style is now. As you plan to vacate, travel or simply take a break from the usual hustle and bustle, you can rock with the best nails work and spa services to rejuvenate you. We remain affordable yet professional. We have all health protocols observed at our workplaces. We are ready when you are. Call for bookings and visit now. Happy festivities ahead.

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