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Hello March!


Time flies and the new year is fast aging. Do you remember the new year’s resolutions? Do you remember the excitement of crossing the new year and leaving behind the “Godforsaken” 2020, as many of us believed last year was a dark year? Well, maybe it’s about time to access our relationship with the calendar and realize that our achievements and failures are not entirely affected by time. We are not defined by the calendar but we rather define the calendar by our actions and inactions. Last year, a deadly virus emerged from one point of the globe, allegedly from a virology lab or out of people’s tendency to eat bats, then ravaged the entire planet wreaking havoc to social-economic and political dispensations. Then the global community failed to administer prompt, effective measures to curb the spread of the virus.

In the condemned year, the clocked ticked consistently, the sun rose and set dutifully, it rained, summer and spring came and went and snow fell where it falls in its season. All these are patterns of a normal calendar and they remained the same. The only thing that changed is human actions not the time of the year. Governments locked borders, houses of worship were deserted, workplaces were alienated, movements were restricted, families disintegrated, jobs were lost and sources of livelihood were cut. As a result, hunger striked families, education was disrupted, cases of mental health and domestic animosity shot significantly. The action and inaction of humankind in this particular case led to the innocent year being labeled a dark year.

Look, in this piece, I am not trying to save a past year from human condemnation. I am simply refocusing the pointing finger to the humanity and away from time. Time is constant, time is intangible, time is formless and time is never wasted because it is there and will always remain long after we are all gone. What is wasted are the opportunities to act consistently in the right manner and right cause and right space. Literally, time is nothing to define our failures and/or achievements. In a nutshell, we are to blame.

Therefore, as we start a new month in this calendar let’s commit, at an individual level, to act rightfully for the right cause, the right purpose, and the right space dutifully and consistently. Let’s not procrastinate, relent or give up on our ambitions and goals. Let us not be bound to dwell on new year resolutions only but to keep acting rightfully towards our goals every moment we are breathing to the whole stretch our lifetime. By so doing, we won’t have to curse any year and crave every new one for blessings. Remember every new year ages to an old year and we should not remain captives of the vicious cycle of an imaginary factor(time) but freed liberals of goal-oriented actions.

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