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Hang in There


Your head is spinning, your skin is already numb and a heavy, dark cloud is fast falling, obscuring your slightest vision of the next hour. You have had a long journey of honorable struggle, impeccable success as well as equally challenging moments. But all that right now is meaningless or at least, the rearview mirror is shattered and you can’t have a glimpse of the triumphant steps you have made previously. You are stuck there, motionless, staring at the dark abyss right in front of you. Burnout is eating you up and apathy can’t let you walk down the stairs to empty your waste bin. Nothing makes sense and you don’t care if anything does.  In a nutshell, wild emotions are converging to push you through a tiny exit to the world of defeat.

How did you even get yourself to this point and why? Well, this is not a choice you would wish to make and it is not necessarily a decision you made or failed to make. It is the end result of strange forces emanating from a highly competitive world, limited opportunities, pandemics, and unpredictable happenings. So what do you do? Hang in there. It’s not time to give up.  The world is a wasteland plagued with misfortunes, loss, hate, diseases, and uncertainty. It will remain so. It is also a paradise graced with beautiful places, kind-hearted people, family love, sources of livelihood and it supports the most precious gift, the gift of life.

Therefore, choose the paradise version of the world. Count your blessings. Ignore the dark side of the world. The reality is that the world is not going to be a cushion of comforts neither is a bed of roses. A hard time has hit today and it will again. So you better prepare and develop shock absorbers. Generate an inner zeal to resist setbacks and negative energy. Count your blessings and count on God, He is infallible and omnipotent. Talk to someone you can trust and where need be, get therapy from a professional. In the end, positivity wins.

Lastly, when you make a decision to wake up and dust yourself off, you will need your confidence and high spirits back. You don’t want everyone to realize you’ve been on the brink of hanging your boots from that weary face and neglected grooming. Consider making your nails in the trendiest styles. Crown your head like the queen you are. Get proven therapeutic services such as body massage, pedicure, and manicure. Rejuvenate your face with state-of-the-art facial treatment. Wax that uncomfortable body hair and get a scrub for the best condition of your skin.

 For this and more, The Top Rose family beauty center got you covered. We have well-trained professionals with exceptional industrial experience. We believe in the possibility of your comeback. We’ll help your confidence shoot to the summit as you jet back to life stronger and better. Come let’s win together!

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