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Onwards and upwards


During the long, dark period of the great Covid-19 pandemic, an epic battle to save the economy arose. Its modus operandi was simple: spend as little as possible, use money only when you must, and absolute priority on saving for the unknown. This uncontested rule eroded the tradition of beauty and maintenance. But not for all. As many people focused their attention on a perceived crumbling economy which brought about extreme sadness, the more optimistic ones bade their time by finding happier activities such as hiking and other sporting activities. Why do you have to side with a majority whose visions of a bright future contain little more than sad tales of unfulfilled promises? The answer is simple: you don’t. Like with every complicated maze, there is always that small aperture that leads to the light outside. That aperture leads to the Top Rose Beauty Center. You can choose the brighter side of everything and relish the enforced family moments that Covid-19 availed. Wake up, get your hair and nails done, regain that confidence and trot the earth like a colossus.

Pandemics often hit the pockets hardest when least expected. They are what historians refer to as forces of nature over which we have no control. It then follows that when pandemics strike, it is the end of everything, right? Wrong. The onset of Covid-19 probably drove you towards abandoning all your outlook needs to focus on the essentials. In fact, you struggled to raise enough for your regular braiding, twisting, gel application, and even the occasional deep tissue massage. Even now when the pandemic seems to drift towards its natural death, its impact on your pocket is still profound. The lockdowns and curfews effectively stopped your business from realizing the profit you’d otherwise receive. As a result, your high school daughter cannot stay in school for a continuous term without incessant calls from the school principal demanding the remainder of last year’s fee.

In the two years that we have been grappling with corona, there has arisen an increasing need for both mental and physical therapy. From a deep, disclosing conversation to a deep tissue massage, everyone deserves that relief that comes with the end of a pandemic. On the massage needs, Top Rose got you. You need not suffer from fatigue and exhaustion when a simple walk-in into the Top Rose salons is all you need to get back on track. You are strong and that strength is all you need to regain yourself. A deep tissue massage will help relax your body muscles in a manner no medicine will. And because physical health depends on mental health, the professionals at Top Rose are ready to help you renew your whole being. The world is harsh, but you can beat it by taking a series of correct steps beginning with a focus on yourself rather than the desire to please everyone. Thank yourself and have the whole world at your feet. Top Rose will partner with you to do just that. We all need to win, so come on now, and let’s go give the world some beating.

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