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We all dream of soft, smooth, and spotless skin. However, due to a variety of factors like sun damage, aging, and lifestyle changes among others, our skin encounters dullness and pigmentation. One of the best ways to take care of your skin is through professional facial treatments. With a professional facial treatment, you can tighten saggy skin, soften skin texture, improve skin elasticity, fight hyperpigmentation, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your face. The process helps in the nourishment and rejuvenation of the skin and improves the overall appearance of the skin by increasing its glow.

Facials are a part of an excellent routine of skin care as it helps in keeping the skin healthy and glowing and keeps the skin looking youthful. A good skincare routine helps to ensure the skin is clean and healthy. Healthy skin through regular exfoliation is highly recommended at least once every month to ensure deep cleaning and rejuvenation, stop aging of the skin, and improve the blood circulation of the skin. It also helps in curing specific skin issues and reduces the chances of skin cancer.

The frequency of taking facials will largely depend on the skin type, condition of the skin, and personal skin goal. To achieve all these, we have affordable packages At Top Rose Salon a facial will start from 1800 up to 2500 which is a fair price to anyone who would like to improve his or her skin.

Any facial procedure involves three easy steps Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing. Cleansing involves clearing away impurities and excess oil that can clog pores and dull skin.  It is advisable to be gentle when cleansing the skin in order not to break down your skin’s protective barrier. Next is toning which can be a great way to refresh skin, and remove any residual debris and PH. Last but not least is moisturizing, Which helps to keep your skin soft and hydrated and helps strengthen its barrier. If you have oily or acne-prone skin we often opt for a lighter moisturizer during the daytime, such as a lotion or gel that will absorb quickly and won’t pill under makeup. If your skin is dry we will use a thicker formula, like a cream.

All in all at Top Rose Salon, we have different products at different prices that can help you achieve your facial goals. The science behind skincare products has come a long way but there is nothing like an instant fix. One should be patient with the process to reap its benefits; results can only be seen through consistent use and not a one-day process.

Great skin is not simply a matter of DNA — your daily habits have a big impact on what you see in the mirror. But depending on which product reviews you read or doctors you consult, there is a dizzying number of opinions on everything from how to moisturize to how to protect yourself from UV rays. Ultimately, caring for your skin is simply personal. Visit a beautician for consultation before embarking on the facial journey.

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