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Gifting as a Virtue

Gifting as a Virtue A popular saying goes, “those who give more, receive more.” Gifting has existed since the biblical times, and has often been used as a way to seek peace and favor before persons in authority. During the days when kings ruled the earth, communities through their leaders paid customary visits to the...Read More

Onwards and upwards

During the long, dark period of the great Covid-19 pandemic, an epic battle to save the economy arose. Its modus operandi was simple: spend as little as possible, use money only when you must, and absolute priority on saving for the unknown. This uncontested rule eroded the tradition of beauty and maintenance. But not for...Read More

Hang in There

Your head is spinning, your skin is already numb and a heavy, dark cloud is fast falling, obscuring your slightest vision of the next hour. You have had a long journey of honorable struggle, impeccable success as well as equally challenging moments. But all that right now is meaningless or at least, the rearview mirror...Read More

Angels with Us

Angels with Us It’s the holiday season again and the kids are at home. How old were you when you realized humans are emotional beings and there is nothing anyone can do about it? Possibly more than anyone else, they have made us cry, laugh, scream, yell, sing, dream, worry, wake up in the middle...Read More

Hello March!

Time flies and the new year is fast aging. Do you remember the new year’s resolutions? Do you remember the excitement of crossing the new year and leaving behind the “Godforsaken” 2020, as many of us believed last year was a dark year? Well, maybe it’s about time to access our relationship with the calendar...Read More

The Merry Making Month

Hello December! Thank God we are here, finally staring at the final month of the Century’s toughest year. This year has been exceptional.  We have gone through losses of all sorts.  As humankind, we have lost freedom, lives, good health, jobs, family contact, schooling opportunities and the list is endless. But we have gained scores...Read More