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The Top Rose Deals

We are an enterprise that is anchored not only on quality professional services but also on values that support a friendly and customer-based relationship. We prioritize the welfare of every team player in our midst and most importantly, the welfare of our clients who form the very basis of our existence. At this time when...Read More

Nails: Beauty for All

Nails: Beauty for All It is a desire for everyone to have a set of awesome looking nails. However, we are not all endowed with naturally looking great nails. Some of us encounter brittle nails, nail-biting tendencies, and unusually short nails among other shortcomings. However, hope is not lost for you to get your dream...Read More

The Top Rose Birthdays

A birthday is an anniversary of the day one was born although it is not necessarily celebrated on the exact birth date. Birthday celebrations are as old as humanity. Christians celebrate Christ’s birthday on the eve of Christmas. The royal family celebrates the Grand Duke official birthday, the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr and...Read More

Why Us?

Why Us? Every social unit has a culture and attributes that defines it. Similarly, at the Top Rose we have a culture that has made us stand out. We do not only invite you to be served by us, but we’ll show you why you should choose to be served by us. And here are...Read More

Nail Culture

Human anatomy is made up of several parts that, besides their Primary functions, play ornamental purposes too. Eyelashes keep dust and other foreign materials off the eyes, and teeth chew food. Yet these primary functions of body parts that in most cases defines one’s beauty. Great teeth appearance brings out great smiles, well detailed eyelashes...Read More