Glam Your Nails with Some Classy Gel Polish

Glam Your Nails with Some Classy Gel Polish

While gel systems for manicures and pedicures have been available for long, their popularity is driven by technological advances in the current (fifth generation) version of these systems making them easier to use, faster, and safer than ever.

The features and benefits of modern gels are many. Gels wear considerably longer than nail polish requiring fewer trips to the salon, allowing for greater intervals between applications, and saving precious time for busy women and ladies. Gels typically stay on for two to three weeks needing attention only, or largely, because of the natural growth of the nail near the cuticle.

Furthermore, gels are significantly more durable than nail polish and highly chip-resistant, even for those who work with their hands. Gels not only wear longer and are more durable, but they dry instantly, so that smudges, track marks, and ruined manicures and pedicures are largely things of the past. The instant dry feature is an especially a big boom to women and ladies in this rainy and cold climates where you can now slide into warm boots or shoes.

In addition, gels afford women a rich and varied choice of shades. Modern gels also dry quickly to a shiny, enduring high gloss finish. Lastly but very importantly gels goes on more easily and is dried or cured, more quickly.

Achieve an extremely natural-looking enhancement on your nails with our professional gel application at the Top Rose Salon. Our goal is to make sure that you get thin, clear, flexible, and nonporous, resist lifting nails after the gel is applied. Using high end gel polish products the bonded base coat protects your nails from cracking, peeling splitting and chipping. We go to great lengths to make sure that our services are rejuvenating, relaxing and a good value for your money.

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