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Days have swiftly flown to get us to the summit of the year. The biggest festive season in our calendar is finally here.  To start with, are the historic Jamhuri Day, the ancient Christmas day in two weeks time and a glorious New Year in barely three weeks. Kids are at home for holidays, families are rejoining for celebrations and destinations are getting booked to capacity.

The year has had a lot for all of us at a ranging degree. We’ve achieved much and lost a handful.  We’ve fallen, crawled and stood to walk again. All these patterns carry the beauty of life and humanity. And now here comes a time to put aside all the burdens of the year, be a little bit kind and tender to ourselves. To think, to care, to feel and to act good to ourselves and our loved ones without the worries of what we have done wrong and what we have not managed as the year comes to an end.

The Top Rose Beauty Center is here to help you out. Through our state of the art beauty and hair services we care for how you look as well as how you feel. And when I say this I mean the whole of you because of the following:

  1. Hair, Nail and Beauty Services

Our hairdressers will make your hair to that taste and style that you have always dreamed of. Our beauticians will take care of your nails to match the best standards, style and trends. Think about massage done with impeccable flair to give you satisfaction of the year. To add to the list are all professional waxing services and eye brow make up of its kind. Our prices should not worry you coz they are fair and pocket friendly.

  1. Customer service

Like I said earlier, we care for how you feel and that’s why we have Wi-Fi in all our outlets, a good space with some cool music and hospitable staff to serve you. To appreciate you, we have redeemable loyalty points that you will earn every time we serve you. As you walk out we have some candy for you as well.

With this and much more we welcome you to discover yourself through beauty and hair service of the year. See you when you visit.




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