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Celebrating Women at The Top Rose Salon!


Celebrating Women at The Top Rose Salon!

Moment of Reflection

I believe you have had great time since our last interaction here. The clock keeps ticking, time is moving pretty fast and the year is growing old. It was international women’s day eve, and a busy time for me.  In between tasks I had been thinking and reflecting about whom women are really in our lives. I believe all gender is great and unique in their right. However, bias stereotypes and chauvinism have, over years, tried to convince us otherwise, that one gender is relatively superior to the other.

In relation to this, my thoughts wandered and shot back to my childhood days picking up and analyzing great experiences that life around womenfolk has imparted into me. Growing up, in my upcountry, I saw women gather grass and reeds to thatch houses, cultivate farms, feed livestock, go for manual jobs with meager wages in return and raise kids. Sisters missed classes to take care of their younger siblings while others missed opportunities to pursue education entirely. Grannies dutifully told stories of courage, counsel and resilience, imparting great morals that our African society thrived in for millennia. Daughters were the roses that filled their families with the undying fragrance of pride, wealth and hope.

Dark Days

However, this demographic group suffered a myriad of untold troubles in the hands of chauvinistic male counterparts and a biased society driven by sinister stereotypes. Wives were battered, girls were denied education, exposed to FGMs, forcefully married off to wrong spouses at an early age. It is in this era that women had no rights to inheritance, to own property, acquire formal jobs, start and run businesses or open bank accounts. They went through physical and psychological abuses and yet stood strong to raise a generation of empowered men and women who would bring hope for a better society where equality and dignity matters to all.

Hopeful Days

In spite all this, women opened their eyes, agitated for their rights and their raised voices have been heard across societies. A flash of hope has swept their world, their dignity is getting restored, their rights granted, and their efforts and achievements appreciated. For women it has been a long journey, traceable in the communist East in the early 19th Century when the International Women’s Day was born and adopted by the United Nations. The journey carries on and no retreat. Currently, women are still struggling to be heard more, included more and accepted more. The journey to gender equality is long and rigorous but it promises are more than fulfilling. We hope we believe and we affirm that a day lies ahead when women won’t be judged by their marital statuses, childbearing, mode of dressing or body conformation but will be judged as human like all the rest.

  Women and Beauty

Beauty is as old as humanity, more precisely; women and beauty are almost synonymous. In our traditional African times, as my grandma would narrate, women adorned themselves with red ochre, beaded necklaces, steel bungles et cetera. If people who were unconscious of their rights, dignity and equality had great taste for beauty and knew how to express it how can we, the empowered, the freed and the civilized, live in the oblivion of the same? Time is ripe for freed women to adorn themselves with their preferred taste in beauty without fearing to be judged.

To achieve this, The Top Rose, we are here to walk you to the present and futuristic trends in beauty and hair services. We will cheer you as you embrace modernity, boldness and confidence to be a fulfilled woman. This will be through our state of the art services such as acrylics, stick-on, nail art, massage, facials, waxing, all hair services et cetera. We have spread our wings out well to reach out to you and we are indisputably the best salon in town. Our newborn baby, branch at Adams Arcade, dabbed Baby Adams is no longer crying, or crawling but stands tall at the 1st floor of Elysee Plaza along Kilimani Road just waiting for you. Visit now as we celebrate the woman in you.

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